As a seasoned CEO, Chair and Director my purpose is to wholeheartedly enable the success of others for the benefit of many.

I share my expertise to support the efforts of people and organisations striving for results and outcomes that improve lives.

I am future-focused, able to read the landscape, scan the horizon and assess data for insights.

My services are for aspirational leaders and for-purpose organisations seeking to grow their effectiveness for achieving positive social change.

Uncovering the opportunities in problems requires a mindset for human flourishing, as citizens, colleagues, and leaders. Beyond analysing data and research, we need to hear voices of lived experience to shape a vision, pathway and action for change. For over 30 years as a consultant and a CEO I have honed my skills for gathering information and collaborators to evolve strategy from complexity, and oversee implementation for real world outcomes. If you are hungry to create change and social good, let’s talk.

From School Councils, to Chair of national membership bodies, Ministerial Advisory bodies, Council of Australian Governments (COAG) working groups, Non Executive Director of small start ups and International not for profits, I have developed my governance expertise as a team member and chair. Qualified as a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with ongoing learning from diverse governance knowledge institutes, I can assist with shaping a governance strategy for collaborating organisations or consult with members of a governance body addressing challenges of performance, strategy and culture.

Having run my own enterprise and led social enterprise development and business growth I am interested to support entrepreneurs shaping their ideas, seeking to improve and expand. Having attended international conferences and maintained diverse collegiate relationships we can also look for relevant inspiration through my networks and look to build on the learning and success of others.

Are you investing in your own knowledge about the fast evolving and changing digital world? Are you in touch with the opportunities and risks to ensure everyone benefits from digital, including the most vulnerable members of our community? Digital exclusion is the new poverty and leaders need proactive strategy to grow workforce engagement and beneficial customer experiences. I can share with you learning from future thinkers and actors to help shape your digital strategy and plan for positive social impact.
For more than 40 years I have envisioned and acted to achieve positive social change at the individual, organisation, community, government and systems levels. Getting to the root cause of most social problems requires awareness, education, motivation, and a shared plan of action. Having learned from some of the best international experts, I welcome opportunities to share and enable the success of others.
Do we know what works for whom under what conditions? How do you prove what you prevent? These are questions which have driven my career for over 40 years. Progressing from evidence to plan change, and then measure and evaluate requires careful thinking, robust conversations, a mind open to possibilities as well as interest in the detail. From individual programs to impact investment, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best to learn and translate from the experts into language and action for those earlier on their journey towards measuring for change.
Over my career I have experienced the joy of supporting people from diverse backgrounds and qualifications to progress their potential: from adults with no formal qualifications to a scholarship and completion of an MBA, from post graduate through to a PhD, from volunteer to qualified human services practitioner, from team leader to CEO. If we agree to work together, you will have my attention and access to what I have learned and who I know to help you achieve, for you, and for the benefit of many.