I work with for purpose organisations, NFPs and government bodies making a difference for vulnerable populations, seeking to help them grow their value and impact.

Strategic Advisory Services

Individual – individual coaching with Leaders to explore issues, clarify information and ideas for decision making. This is a conversation getting to underlying knowledge to assess options and scan the environment for opportunities, allies, and barriers to success. Seasoned and experienced CEO’s and those just commencing the journey are included in this confidential service limited to four colleagues at any one time.

Organisational – Consistent with my passion for promoting wellbeing and preventing social problems, projects are limited to focusing on strategy for expanding prevention and early intervention services to address root causes and maximise impact for positive social change.

Social enterprise – This is a time for growing the ecosystem of actors and investors for business for community benefit! Through engagement with universities, sector leaders, and individual entrepreneurs, I am focussing on supporting the growth of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Social Outcomes

Specialist Consultant – Social Outcomes is one of Australia’s leading impact organisations, specialising in researching, designing, costing, implementing, measuring and financing impact. The group have deep experience in the creation of social impact through decades of work in the social sector in Australia and overseas, combined with a track record of investment readiness and supporting clients with their capital raising activities through our network of impact investors and advisors. Since establishment in 2014, the group have worked across a broad range of impact projects, from designing impact measurement frameworks and social impact bonds to creating gender lens investing approaches and social enterprises in the Pacific.

Swinburne University of Technology

Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health, Arts & Design – advising on research and strategic projects for public benefit and to strengthen the social sector. Examples include research about technology and vulnerable parents, and projecting the future workforce needs of the community sector.

Chair Swinburne Advisory Council Centre for Social Impact – convening experts to provide insight and guidance to the CSI centre in Melbourne, complimenting the work of CSI Centres in Sydney and Perth, to catalyse strategy for social change and impact.

The Good Things Foundation Australia

Chair – The Good Things Foundation is an international social change charity helping people to improve their lives through digital. With more than 3,000 network partners across Australia we are growing a grassroots movement for closing the digital divide. We want everyone to have access to digital devices and skills, and to participate safely in the online world. As Chair of the Board I work with our colleagues in Australia and in the UK to bring the best of business knowledge and stakeholder engagement and grow benefits for vulnerable populations at risk of being left behind in the new digital economy and society.