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Rise Above – Back at the Beginning

“Well who wants to read my story?” That was my first reaction when asked to contribute to a book about women’s courage, resilience, and overcoming life’s challenges.

I love writing and word-smithing. In my career as a social worker, CEO and leader, writing has been important for research, advocacy and securing funding. I have contributed to a number of books. However to write my own story and use a personal voice (rather than a professional one) was a whole other daunting […]

Eyes on our Children?

When our four children went to their bedrooms, as parents we knew this was a safe, private space. That tells you something about my age, and more importantly, how much has changed in one generation.  Now with technology anyone might be there!

If you haven’t yet watched The Social Dilemma please do. […]

Change for good – let’s do it now!

I well remember a conversation with family friend Matt Tilley over five years ago, discussing the need to increase community generosity … “Jo what if everyone in Australia on one day just gave a dollar…we could raise $20 million in one day.” […]

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